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Al Khariid by Nyanbonecrush Al Khariid :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 17 10 Comment Useless by Nyanbonecrush Comment Useless :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 2 27 Menace Elbow by Nyanbonecrush Menace Elbow :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 25 10 Fight the Foul Fate by Nyanbonecrush Fight the Foul Fate :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 16 9 Splish Splash, Duet in a Bath by Nyanbonecrush Splish Splash, Duet in a Bath :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 29 19 The Weed's Equipment of the Plant Republic by Nyanbonecrush The Weed's Equipment of the Plant Republic :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 33 11 More Midway Motorheads! by Nyanbonecrush More Midway Motorheads! :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 20 13 Richmond Racing Vs. On Ice Brainz by Nyanbonecrush Richmond Racing Vs. On Ice Brainz :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 19 13 Sprinkles, and the Plymouth Prankster by Nyanbonecrush Sprinkles, and the Plymouth Prankster :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 20 11 Never Forget(ster) The Chester by Nyanbonecrush Never Forget(ster) The Chester :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 23 18 POT Carrot Cruiser by Nyanbonecrush POT Carrot Cruiser :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 24 68 Boogie meme by Nyanbonecrush Boogie meme :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 14 7 The Garden Warfare Chariot (Mark 1) by Nyanbonecrush The Garden Warfare Chariot (Mark 1) :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 19 31 Need for Z by Nyanbonecrush Need for Z :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 18 25 Her new Nightmare by Nyanbonecrush Her new Nightmare :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 20 8
First Encounter With Roadhogs
The shop that was thought to be barren and alone was beginning to fill to the brim with fellow racers with a taste for liberty. In the Garage, Riley and Nyan made more tweaks to their car, putting a rear plant grade engine in the flatbed so the Garden Warfare Chariot can grab some more speed. All the members of Richmond Racing Co. gathered to see the Garden Warfare Chariot come to life once more. as the ignition turned, the engines powered on, and energy formulated from the new rear engine flowed precious energy to the car, making her roar! Nyan was on the brink of hurting himself when he was jumping for glee when he saw the Garden Warfare Chariot accept the new plant made engine along with her original engine. New bumpers, tires, suspension, motor, and exhaust systems made the Garden Warfare Chariot a true knight of the streets. "YEEHAW!" Riley shouted. "She's armored, empowered, and restyled! We need to get her on the road now!" Nyan chuckled as he looked at the car of his work, seei
:iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 7 53


PvZ GW Fanfic - Rare Finds part 3
Argon bent down to lift the slide-up door of the garage. Despite encountering some slight resistance due to the wear on the door, he was able to successfully open it, revealing the two lost treasures.
Inside the garage were two very different machines. Despite the rust and moss developing on the two cars, their shapes were still very clearly defined and widely varied; the one on the left had smooth, curved lines and was slightly longer, thinner, overall more elegant in its shape, and though the wear had been particularly noticeable inside, it was still fairly clear by the leather trim that it was more of a luxurious cruiser.
On the other hand, the car on the right had very sharp, angled wedge styling to it, and a wider, more aggressive purpose-built stance. This was further exemplified by the interior, which was basic and spartan, for more competition-based usage than the car that laid beside it.
Around the back however, they both shared one thing in common; a 2.4-litre V6 unit that on
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 6 1
PvZ GW fanfic - Rare finds Part 2
Argon stood on the back of the Maple Dame as she trundled through Grattle. Unfortunately the search was taking a long time and there was no sign of an abandoned garage.
"Ugh, using this tank is taking too long..." Argon groaned. "Sooner or later someone is going to get curious on what we're doing out here."
"Hey, don't worry." Ferros tried to calm him. "Grattle borders right on the Z's territory, so citizens might expect patrols going through here on a more rigorous basis, right?"
"Yes, but not in a TANK, even in a light artillery tank like this." Argon countered his point. "And besides, won't they figure out that we aren't following the patrol routes?"
"Argon's right." Prism Point agreed with him. "I suggest we pull over so we can use my drone."
"Good idea." Callista nodded, and both her and Ferros pulled the tank over.
"Alright, Prism. Do your thing." Ferros opened a hatch for her to get out.
Prism Point opened up the tank and then sent her garlic drone into the sky.
The Drone mainta
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 4 1
PvZ GW fanfic - Rare finds Part 1
In order to help Nyan should the worst befall the GW chariot, Argon had been searching and investigating rumors about abandoned cars to be found and restored to road worthy condition; today he is following up on one of those leads.
Argon went to see two of his friends, Ferros and Callista. The two were going through maintenance procedures of their beloved POT Yew-88, the Maple Dame.
"Ferros! Callista!" Argon smiled as he walked up to the conjoined plants.
"Argon, great to see you." The armor chomper faced him, putting down his tools.
"How are you doing?" The smaller Chompflower asked him.
"Doing good, thanks." He smiled. "Hey, think you could help me with a certain favour?" The plasma pea asked.
"Sure thing!" Ferros nodded. "what could we do ya for?"
"well, I'm going to collect a rare car find to assist in the midway races, and I feel that I need something with a good hefty amount of torque to haul the car to Riley's place. Think you can tow the find with your tank?"
"It's worth a shot
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 5 1
Crimson Log 1: Order and Peace
Log created: November 1st
July the 20th, 2016. 9PM
" The first of the war was unexpected, I remember the first time when the 1st Halo went into the mixed terrain of the western Australia. A resistance group that ran from the towns to stock up on Perth was causing havoc, Causing rebellions and uprisings that sprung more deaths for the humans than zombies. They couldn't accept their new rulers when everyone else did, those people that did where rewarded, we will get to that later, for now we prepare to take the west from the traitors, they told us to come get them in their land as they where dug in the sand, so we did...."
July the 21th, 2016. 12AM
"I can see the remnants of the city in the distance as the walker I was on slowly walked to the front lines of the enemies. They didn't expect the barrage of fire from out tanks and the rush of soldiers heading towards them. Tho we didn't expect them to release a army of plants at us, i felt bad for the weeds to be honest with the outcome...."
:iconsnarzer:Snarzer 8 229
Scars Announcement (My Plot)
(Listen, me and Nyan discussed stuff and, he made me realize I didn't have to follow his plot, so I'm doing my own thing with PVZ, don't worry though. Me and Nyan are still friends, but with my stuff it will be different than his plot, my plot will be much different than his as of content and stuff. I hope this will go alright!)
Some plants would be crowded around each other, some hugging as others were wishing them luck. Nyan would notice this as he walked by, soon seeing a massive crowd as Pulse would walk by, wearing a rather space style outfit, she was soon stopped. "What's going on? What's with the crowd?" Nyan asked as he raised a brow, pulse soon looking at him as she stuttered a bit. "S-Scar is going to be recalling a lot of the plants that signed up for the UPDF S-sir, including me." Nyans jaw would drop slightly. "What? When was scar supposed to tell me! I swear I'm going to-" Pulse soon stopped him there by nudging his side with her gun. "Sir! Scar feels like you are old eno
:iconstanthespider:StantheSpider 7 38
Conference by Elishebis12 Conference :iconelishebis12:Elishebis12 9 40 !SNEAK PEEK! resources for dr.zomboss by MegaboatmaN !SNEAK PEEK! resources for dr.zomboss :iconmegaboatman:MegaboatmaN 8 25 These fools. part 2 by MegaboatmaN These fools. part 2 :iconmegaboatman:MegaboatmaN 10 28 These fools. part 1. by MegaboatmaN These fools. part 1. :iconmegaboatman:MegaboatmaN 9 4 Battle Droids B1 by Vexod14 Battle Droids B1 :iconvexod14:Vexod14 34 6 Big bolt blaster by 61EMB16 Big bolt blaster :icon61emb16:61EMB16 11 6 HARAM- NO-! by HumbleCherry HARAM- NO-! :iconhumblecherry:HumbleCherry 25 14
The battle of Sir Sydney coast
It was a humble day for boatman as he would just, be their on the side railings of his boat. To accompany him, was his plant friends, they were on the lower deck.
But to come up to see how he was doing, was Mrs.Jazz, the 1920's ice rose. "What gots you down today darling?" She said in a deep and smooth tone. "Oh, it's nothing.  Just thinking...." the boatman said as he was staring in the water. "And what would those thoughts be? They seem like they got you more downer than abassist on a date." Said Mrs.Jazz. "well, it's these words from nyan that are just...Sticking...with me, some of them being a response to a question I asked to prove myself. Then he turned that into a loophole that's both inspiring and very confusing, I'm trying to rap my head around it" said the boatman. Mrs.jazz would be staring into space as she too was thinking. "So, this guy, did he say How To do it?..." said mrs.jazz. "well, considering from what I heard, he said that I can transport stuff, deliver things
:iconmegaboatman:MegaboatmaN 5 9
Happy Birthday Nyan by OmegaKaijuScorpioBat Happy Birthday Nyan :iconomegakaijuscorpiobat:OmegaKaijuScorpioBat 17 116 Personal delivery Part 6 by MegaboatmaN Personal delivery Part 6 :iconmegaboatman:MegaboatmaN 7 4 COMMISSION - Nyanbonecrush by FluffyMystic COMMISSION - Nyanbonecrush :iconfluffymystic:FluffyMystic 20 7


Al Khariid
Welcome to The Plant Republic's favored (Or more specifically, Nyan's) city in the east coast! Here, It's a desert! Water is best kept at all times, and expect an average temperature of over 90* F daily. Z-Tech had used it's lands for an airfield which is now used by POP forces today. The people here are so nice, and their music, arts, pottery, and fanfare here are awe inspiring! The best part of roaming the streets is the smell of roasted meats of all sorts. POT units drive here often to get a whiff of the delicious smells. Al Khariid is also known for it's cuisine indoors as well as in. It's a food critic's paradise. All those plants are grown as signs of liberation and happiness. It's a hot townscape, and you should visit. I would! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! To think one man with his heroes made this all possible...… The theme of the hot spot township!
Comment Useless
You know what to do.
Some examples: Nyan, Torque, The Geminis, Admiral Arizona, Cameo, Olympus, Raflissia Phalanx, Zomboss, Weeds, Riley, Bolivia, etc.
Local forecasts call for temperatures over 125 degrees in Al Kharrid. Stay hydrated, plant and liberty lovers!
Menace Elbow
Banana tenis Some are not mentally prepared enough to partake in the psyche breaking sport known as "Tennis". A real Duce ex machina, if I say so.Banana tenis 

"Tennis Star is a prodigy of sorts. As a young Zombie, he witnessed Dr. Zomboss lose a fight with a tennis ball machine, and he knew he had to harness such immense and hilarious power for himself." -Garden Warfare Stickerbook Description
67 deviations
DISCLAIMER / Author's Note: "This really happened at 6/7/17, 9:35 PM... I was having some fun with some old friends of my dad's when I realized how long it's been since we talked. I showed the friend my most prized earning in cartooning: My Quill and Scroll certificate for #1 Cartoonist.Reserve Champion Ribbon  At first, all went well, and the friend of Dad's seemed amused. Until he hammered me with his son's successes as a photographer at the worst possible time. He was apparently getting into Scrillex, making 500+ dollars for one picture, part time working for Starbucks, has a lover, and more and more, and he was the same age as me!:diefantard:  This damaged me mentally and broke my heart. If he only knew how hard I work, and how much I enjoy what I do, he would've appreciated the plaque as not a way of gloating, but what  came from within to get this award.Pikachu Crying Plz  I learned something on this day. These are the lyrics to show that at the end of the day, Compliments and criticisms are but paper, they don't matter. What does matter is what is in your heart, and what you use it for.":salute: rvmp 

Some folks are born made to raise the bar
Ooh, they're rollin' in dough
And when they tell ya "Be like the chief"
Ooh, they point the fingers at you, Lord

(Well I say)
That ain't me, That ain't me, I ain't no Midas or Trump 
If they see, Me as he; Than I am Nobody's One, no

Some folks'll say, "Why aren't you like this guy?
He's more prosperous than you", oh
But when he's famous, knock on his door
Wish'em well on his path and follow through, oh

That ain't me, That ain't me, I have not million likes, no
If they see, Me as he; Than I am Nobody's One, no

Yeah, yeah
Some folks will give you criticism dark
Ooh, they'll only send you more
And then you say yourself, "Do it from the heart!"
Ooh, Even if they give you More! more! more! y'all

That ain't me, That ain't me, I ain't no Midas or Trump, son
If they see, Me as he; Than I am Nobody's One, no
That ain't me, That ain't me, I have not million likes, no no no
If they see, Me as he; Than I am Nobody's One, no


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm Nyan. I tell the epic tale of how plants and zombies went from to a grasswalk, to an all out war from the outskirts of Zomburbia. Whilst Dave is at the rings in the Backyard Battleground, we The Plant Republic are the army who fights the sinister Z-tech whom strives for world domination. Come on in and read the tales of many, meet our troops, enemies, and weapons, and sit back and relax as you feast your eyes As we fight for liberation, and the end to the zombie's reign!


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Nerdy-Cupcake Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
*Sonnet peeks through the crack of the door to Nyan's office, she was holding several files, she then lightly knocked on the door*
Sonnet: Hello? Are you in there?
Nyanbonecrush Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*No answer* Maybe he's asleep?
Nerdy-Cupcake Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Sonnet: Mm... *she looks around before looking further inside*
Nyanbonecrush Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Torque: *very quietly wink wink*"WHOGOESTHARR???"
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StantheSpider Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Nyah would hear his radio click on as a weeds voice was heard. "Nyan! Someone's here! They already got past the guards! I'm hurt bad! It's the secret pla-" the radio would cut off.
Nyanbonecrush Featured By Owner Edited 5 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nyan: "Right into my hands... " *Nyan moves out on an albatross to the stronghold vaults. A recon weed, BBQ corn, Power flower, and Medic weed are in his brigade. As they enter with Nyan's authorization, they see some vanquished plants in the halls....*
Nyan: "You know what to do. Get to work. Now."
Power Flower (Sparkly sprout) : "Oh, ummm.. Yessir!"
Medic Weed (#539945994302) : "Yes sir!"
StantheSpider Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
The power flower would hear a soft giggle as a figure would zip past a hallway, loading a gun of sorts. She soon began mimicking what seemed to be a cry of help! "Help help! The intruders got me tied up! In here!"
Nyanbonecrush Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*The two revive as many plants as they can.*

Bbq corn * running off* : " Let's roll!"

Nyan *Snagging him with an unleased vine, and bringing him back: " Cool it, pea brain. We aren't moving until our medics are through reviving. Besides, this doesn't make sense. Why would there be a hostage in this facility if it's been raided? You don't burst in here without knowing what you come for..."

Bbq: " Oooohhh...
I don't get it."

Nyan: *Heavy sigh*
*The medics saved the downed plants. Nyan talks with one of them*

Nyan: "Talk to me, son. What happened to your team?"
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Snarzer Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Nyan, did you see my latest journal, I want your opinion on it.
Snarzer Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Heya nyan, welcome back from your trip away, how it doing?
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